Writing Guidelines for Quasar Blog


We are actively looking for tech or skill-oriented content which could benefit the community people especially beginners who are aiming to learn new content with the help of the Internet. So if you are interested in writing these contents and helping the people, Quasar Community is the right place for you.

What to Write?

Apart from mentioning that the topics should be tech or skill-related, we don't have any more restrictions. You are free to write about whatever topic you are good at. It can be:-

  • Tutorials about the Programming Language, Frameworks or any topics.
  • Installation of various software.
  • Your Tech Interview Experiences, Work-Life Experiences on how to cope with work tensions.
  • Answers to various coding problems from platforms like Leetcode or Hackerrank.
  • Comparison of two technologies.
  • Explanation of your open source projects.
  • Info about emerging topics like Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing etc.
  • Any tech-related topics which you think will benefit the community can be added here.

In addition to tech topics, we also welcome topics that include social skills like workplace communication, handling different problems in the task etc.

How to Write?

The blog which you write could be read by people who could be complete beginners to this topic. So think of a way how you learnt when you were a beginner when understanding this topic and write this blog.

We do not care much about your English writing capability and care much more about the quality of the content being delivered. However that said, we do want to make sure that the blog is spelling and grammatical error free. We recommend you to install Grammarly or Ginger through an extension or app and use them for writing blogs and checking for any errors before publishing. You can download the same here through these links:- Grammarly or Ginger.

What you should use while writing?

  • Title (Compulsory) Make sure it is 100 % related to your topic.
  • Sub Headings for each subtopic. (Not necessary but if added will be better).
  • Cover images for the topic and other small images to explain the topics better.
  • Point by point explanation of topics that actually happen inflow.
  • Flowcharts for depicting the algorithms or the flow in a better way. You can use online tools like Lucidchart for developing the flowcharts.
  • Links should be attached if you are referring to an external website, a framework or an open-source project etc.
  • If you want to attach the code in the blog use the Hashnode inbuilt code option for attaching your code.
  • Write SEO friendly blogs. Follow this link to know about writing SEO friendly blogs

    What you should avoid while writing?

  • Never use any copyright images in the blog. You can browse for free images in websites like Unsplash (or) Pexels or design your own image using Canva.
  • Avoid plagiarism, there is no benefit from copying from someone.
  • False, outdated or improper information. Have in mind that most people will follow the content on your blog to know the topic, so guide them with proper tools.
  • Never use hate, politics or non-tech related topics in your blog. Your article will be rejected and you may be also banned from writing any future articles under Quasar Domain.
  • Do not add your personal details like contact number or mail in the blog but you are free to add your social media links if the blog requires.

I have a list of topics under a common series that I prefer to write on. What to do?

If you have a list of topics that can't be covered in a single blog and needs more than 10 blogs (for ex DSA series), we can allocate you to frame a series and post the topics under the same. Just reach out to us at admin@quasarcommunity.org regarding the query.

I am interested, How to join the Quasar Community as a content creator?

Quasar Community is for all tech enthusiasts people, anyone can join this community and help people. If you wish to be a part of the Quasar Community as a content writer fill out this form Quasar Blog Content Writer Form or send a message to admin@quasarcommunity.org if we took so long to respond to you.

Reward program

Quasar Community is a budding non-profit organization whose aim is to bridge the skill gap between students and their skills needed. As of now, we can't promise any compensation for the content, except for some goodies and heartfelt thanks from our side. But if the blog is really good and attracts a good amount of audience, we would be entitled to deliver the compensation in future.

==The Guidelines was last edited on 28th March 2022==.