Metaverse - The world of imagination.

Metaverse - The world of imagination.

A brief about Metaverse and it's features

We have all watched many Sci-Fi movies which showcase cool technologies like holograms, Teleportation, Vr world etc. Even though it's practically not possible to create stuff like that in the real world, we wish to experience things as they show in movies. The metaverse is probably the future that we may witness ourselves shortly.

What is metaverse..?

Metaverse is the concept of creating virtual worlds using technologies like VR gears, AR gears etc. It is the Fictitious world created by oneself to be like whatever one wants in the virtual world.

The concept originated in 1992 in the science fiction novel Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson where humans are mutable characters who communicate with each other in a virtual space.

How does it work?

The implementation is done by many different firms in different ways. But the underlying requirements are

  1. Hardware

  2. Software


The main components needed are wearable gear like VR headsets, mics, joysticks, controllers etc. These products provide a connection to the VR world to feel the components in it. Regardless of the physical gear, we also need an interface to run the actions performed by the user and the world.


Most companies are working on this part, as there is not a perfect interface till now to work like the one they show in the movies. There are metaverse projects like Second Life, Horizon Worlds, The Sandbox etc. But no sustainable worldwide usable software is created yet.

Implementations or Applications:-

1. A new Social World

The concept of metaverse paves down a new way for how social media work. Now people can experience a real-world social media platform which is way more fascinating to think about.

2. Video games are more real

One of the main reasons for the introduction of the metaverse is to experience the gameplay in video games, which will come true when the metaverse is accessible throughout the world.

3. A new way to run an office

Due to the pandemic, most of us started WFH, so the growing demand for the platform to conduct meetings, events and other stuff. Through metaverse, these can be done easily.

4. Recreation and entertainment

Every person needs some leisure activities to relieve their stress. There are a plethora of options for the same. The metaverse creates new opportunities for entertainment and fun.

5. New Businesses emerge

With the creation of metaverse, more and more novel businesses will be created for maintaining digital assets; NFTs, Digital Banks etc.

6. Education and Knowledge

The level of educational resources will be of the highest quality and the concepts and theories will be visualized in a better and more interactive way.


In recent times, we may have heard this word more because of the announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg. At the event, they announced that all the companies functioning under him would together be called Meta. He stressed that the sole motive of their company is to build products and interfaces for the yet-to-be-named product of Facebook.

We will look more into metaverse in upcoming blogs.