The Deep Web

The Deep Web

Hey folks! in this blog, we are going to see about deep web


The deep web refers to parts of the internet not fully accessible through standard search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The deep web, invisible web, or hidden web are parts of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard web search engines.

The deep web includes pages that were not indexed, fee-for-service (FFS) sites, private databases, intranets, and sites found on the dark web.


The contents of the deep web range from pages that were not indexed by search engines, paywalled sites, private databases, and the dark web. This is in contrast to the "surface web", which is accessible to anyone using the Internet. Computer-scientist Michael K. Bergman is credited with coining the term in 2001 as a search-indexing term.


While many news outlets use "deep web" and "dark web" interchangeably, much of the deep portion as a whole is perfectly legal and safe. Some of the largest parts of the deep web include:

  • Databases: both public and privately protected file collections that are not connected to other areas of the web, only to be searched within the database itself.

  • Intranets: internal networks for enterprises, governments, and educational facilities used to communicate and control aspects privately within their organizations.

Every search engine uses bots to crawl the web and add the new content they find to the search engine's index. It isn't known how large the deep web is, but many experts estimate that search engines crawl and index less than 1% of all the content that can be accessed over the internet. The searchable content of the web is referred to as the surface web.


Much of the content of the deep web is legitimate and noncriminal in nature. Deep web content includes email messages, chat messages, private content on social media sites, electronic bank statements, electronic health records (EHR), and other content that is accessible one way or another over the internet.



  • INTERNET-Accessible, Indexed

  • DEEP WEB-Accessible, Non-Indexed

  • DARK WEB-Restricted, Non-Indexed

The deep web is the portion of the Internet that is hidden and not shown by conventional search engines. Whereas the dark web is a subset of the deep web which is intentionally hidden.

To access the deep web, you require a password, encryption, or specialty software. Whereas on the dark web you require Tor Project or a similar browser.

The deep web is larger than the Surface web. The dark web is a subset of the Deep Web, but its size is unmeasurable.

The deep web includes all unindexed web pages. The dark web only includes a subset of unindexed web pages inside the deep web.

We can access the deep web with a VPN. Whereas in dark web need lots of precautions to access the data.



  • The deep web gives users access to far more information than the surface web. This information may simply be pages that aren't important enough to be listed.

  • However, it also includes the latest TV shows, databases that are essential for managing your personal finances, and stories that are censored on the surface web. Much of the content on the deep web would not be available at all if only the surface web existed.

  • Privacy, which is usually provided by encryption, is another benefit of the deep web. Encryption on the deep web allows fee for service sites to keep their content away from nonpaying Internet users while serving it to their customers.

  • The encryption of databases is absolutely necessary for all forms of fintech to function properly. Without this security, neither firms nor individuals could safely conduct financial transactions over the Internet. The dark web was designed mainly to provide users with more privacy.



  • Mainly used for Military purposes
  • Scientist
  • It is also used by businesspersons and policeman
  • Journalists and whistleblowers
  • Political Protesters, and Anti-Censorship Advocacy Groups
  • Residents of Oppressive Political Regimes

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