What is Python ?

What is Python ?

In this blog, we will see an Introduction to Programming language and Python.

Before proceeding with Python, we must know what is a programming language and why it is used since python is itself a programming language.

What is a programming language?

A Programming Language is a way or method to communicate between humans and computing machines. So that we can give commands and take results to and from the Computer.

Example: C, C++, Java, Python, etc.

Three Types of Programming Languages:

  1. Low Level Language Programming
  2. Middle Level Language Programming
  3. High Level Language Programming.

What is Low level programming language? Is it in binary ie. (0's and 1's) A Low level Programming Language is closer to the Computer Machine or Processor but for humans, it is very difficult to understand it is also called Machine code or Assembly code as It requires only one or two steps to be converted in form of 0's and 1's. Low Level Programming Languages are usually fast in the execution process.

Example: Cobalt and Fortran

What is Middle Level Programming Language?

Middle Level Programming Language is neither much closer to humans nor to the Computer Machines.

It bridges the gap between High and Low Level Programming languages.

Example: B, C programming language. B and C languages are mainly used for OS (Operating System) and Game Development.

What is High Level Programming Language?

The computer understands the things in binaries ie. 0's and 1's but human usually understands easy languages like "English" or other which is common. So a high-level language is close to humans but for a computer, it requires multiple layers of conversion so that it can be converted into 0s and 1s. Thus, High Level Language is difficult for a computer machine but is used by humans to code and send instructions to computer which will convert it into Low level language.

Example: Python and R.

What is Python?

Python is a High Level Programming language, Interpreted and Object-Oriented Programming Language.

Why Python?

•Python is Easy.

•Python is Interpreted.

•A large Number of Libraries are available.

•Active organizational support.

•Less Code and More Work.

Application Areas of Python?

• Web Applications

• Scientific Calculations

• Web Automation

• Artificial Intelligence, data science and machine learning

• Internet of Things

• Desktop GUI Applications.

• Console Based Applications.

In the upcoming blogs, we will discuss python deeply with the Quasar Community Blog.